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2019: Ksik Stakii Project in Review

2019 was a year of growth for the Ksik Stakii Project.  Our field season expanded from 2 to 4 weeks and we were able to work at two project sites including on a private ranch near Cut Bank, MT.  Thanks to the hard work of the… Continue Reading “2019: Ksik Stakii Project in Review”

From the Field: A Native Science Fellow Perspective

My Name is Lia J. Rattler (pictured second the the left above), I am a fellow at the Native Science Field Center at Blackfeet Community College and I have been a part of The Ksik Stakii Project for two years. I’ve had so many… Continue Reading “From the Field: A Native Science Fellow Perspective”

My Big Sky Watershed Corps Term: The Start of Shifting Perceptions

My name is Kendra Allen, and I have just started as the 2019 Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) member jointly serving with the Blackfeet Nation Fish & Wildlife and the Center for Large Landscape Conservation. After growing up in Minnesota, I headed east for a bit… Continue Reading “My Big Sky Watershed Corps Term: The Start of Shifting Perceptions”

A Year as the Beaver Guy

When I arrived in the Blackfeet Nation, in the middle of a record-breaking winter, I had few expectations on what I was about to experience. I was assigned to assist with the coordination and development of a “Beaver Project” (later changed to The Ksik… Continue Reading “A Year as the Beaver Guy”

Native Science Fellow Tiffany Hill: My experience attending the Watershed Symposium

Blackfeet Community College Native Science Fellow Tiffany Hill attended the Montana Watershed Coordination Council Watershed Symposium in Whitefish, Montana on October 10-12. She co-presented with Big Sky Watershed Corps member Jacob LeVitus, where she shared her experience working on the Ksik Stakii Project. Tiffany… Continue Reading “Native Science Fellow Tiffany Hill: My experience attending the Watershed Symposium”

Beaver Mimicry Field Program Recap

Water storage is becoming increasingly vital as western summers continue to become hotter, longer and drier in the midst of climate change. During the Ksik Stakii Project field program, students worked together to address the need for natural water storage while simultaneously learning new… Continue Reading “Beaver Mimicry Field Program Recap”

Workshop Recap: Coexisting with Beavers

Beavers are regularly referred to as ecosystem engineers. Their contributions to the natural world include the creation of wetland habitat for fish and wildlife and the storage of ground and surface water. The beaver population in Blackfeet country is no different. They work hard… Continue Reading “Workshop Recap: Coexisting with Beavers”

Working Together on Willow Creek

On May 8th and 9th, the Ksik Stakii Project hosted its first official site visit. For two days, project team members, students, and community members came together to plan, discuss, and begin the implementation of the project that is designed to build resilience to… Continue Reading “Working Together on Willow Creek”

Earth Day 2018

The Blackfeet Environmental Office hosted an Earth Day Festival at Blackfeet Community College on April 20th. Throughout the day, volunteers gave away free trees, shrubs, and gardening plants to community members. Volunteers also helped by grilling and serving a delicious outdoor lunch on the… Continue Reading “Earth Day 2018”

Unbelievable Beaver Series Part 3: Unbelievable Beaver Facts

Skydiving beavers, dams seen from space, and beavers the size of bears! In addition to playing an integral part in Blackfeet Culture and the fur trade and being ecosystem engineers, beavers are truly a remarkable species. In honor of International Beaver Day (April 7), we’ll explore… Continue Reading “Unbelievable Beaver Series Part 3: Unbelievable Beaver Facts”