This page contains links to more information about climate change regionally and globally, as well as information about the Blackfeet Nation in particular.

Climate change adaptation planning guides:

Adaptation Planning Tool Kit, by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

Climate Smart Conservation: Putting Adaptation Principles into Practice, by the National Wildlife Federation

Climate change impact assessments, vulnerability assessments, and/or adaptation strategies:

Regional-scale reports

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in the Northern Rocky Mountains, by the Northern Rockies Adaptation Partnership

Vulnerability Summaries, by the Northern Rockies Adaptation Partnership

Montana Climate Assessment, by the Montana Institute on Ecosystems (IOE), a collaborative effort between University of Montana and Montana State University

How Montana’s Farmers and Ranchers Can Be at the Forefront of Addressing Climate Change, by One Montana

Healthy Landscapes, Healthy People: A Guidebook for Montana Communities Preparing for a Changing Climate, by the Center for Large Landscape Conservation

National-scale reports

2017 Draft National Climate Assessment, by the U.S. Global Change Research Program

2014 National Climate Assessment, by the U.S. Global Change Research Program

Health-focused reports and papers

The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment, by the U.S. Global Change Research Program

A Human Health Perspective on Climate Change:A Report Outlining the Research Needs on the Human Health Effects of Climate Change, by Environmental Health Perspectives and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Exploring Effects of Climate Change on Northern Plains American Indian Health, by John Doyle, Margaret Redsteer, and Margaret Eggers

When Every Drop Counts: Protecting Health during Drought Conditions: A Guide for Public Health Professionals

Reports and plans focused on the Blackfeet Nation

Blackfeet Community Health Assessment 2017, by the Blackfeet Tribal Health Department and Boston Medical Center/Boston University

2018 Blackfeet Emergency Operations Plan

The Blackfeet Agriculture Resource Management Plan website offers a repository of reports on the Blackfeet Nation that are valuable for climate change adaptation planning and adaptation initiatives.

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