Protecting beaver and restoring wetlands

Beaver_Rikki Ollinger.JPG
Photo by Rikki Ollinger.

The climate change adaptation plan is about to be put into action. In 2018, the Blackfeet Department of Fish and Wildlife will partner with the Environmental Office and the Center for Large Landscape Conservation to increase natural water storage in the Blackfeet Nation. Increasing natural water storage (water stored in riparian areas and wetlands rather than behind a concrete dam) builds resilience against drought. The project will increase natural water storage by protecting beaver (especially by addressing conflicts between beaver and people) and by mimicking beaver activity to build small dams from natural materials like pine and willow branches (see an explanation of “beaver mimicry” here).

Beaver photo from Jordan Kennedy
A beaver in the Blackfeet Reservation. Photo by Jordan Kennedy

Below, a beaver in the Blackfeet Nation slaps its tail on the water. Video provided by Jordan Kennedy.

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